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Dermatologist Belmont North Carolina Please call the office of Mecklenburg Dermatologyat 7043448846, the premiere Dermatologist serving the Belmont North Carolina area. Ourservices include acne treatment, remedies for sun damage, antiaging, Botox, skin cancerscreenings and treatment, laser tattoo removal and laser technology for nail fungus. We canalso adess skin conditions, rashes and other problematic skin disorders such as eczemaand psoriasis. Please call Mecklenburg Dermatologist at 7043448846.

A Happy Customer Aubree Laser Hair Removal Joseph Jensen DO Utah Surgeon

Hello. My name is Aubree, and I don't knowif you guys are like me, but I am sick and tired of shaving. I tried waxing, and waxingjust didn't last long enough to merit the time and the pain and the money that it involved.So, I decided to give laser hair removal a shot, so that I could hopefully go to thegymgo to yogago get outthe pool with my kidswithout having to worry about settingaside all this time before hand to shave. So I called Jensen's office and arrangedan appointment and, when I showed up, the team was very warm and welcoming. They dida lot of things to make me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had. The lasertechnician was awesome; she was very skilled,

knowledgeable, and very friendly. I felt likeevery time I went we just became quick friends, and that made the experience a lot more enjoyable.It was really fun to see the results from the laser hair removal pretty much instantlyevenjust after one treatment I started seeing marked improvement. I had my upper legs, andmy lower legs, and also my armpits and feet. I highly recommend giving Jensen's officea call. It's been awesome!.


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