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Hi I'm Raquel Dominguez and estpu here today to give you some advice quot;Wear sunscreenquot;. I love the sun I'm looking forward to it and stay good weather to enjoy it, yes, always with sunscreen. The sun is great, stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D to prevent rickets and osteoporosis, it causes vasodilatation thus reducing blood pressure and promotes peripheral blood circulation, is immunosuppressant Local thereby

enhancing inflammatory diseases skin such as psoriasis or eczema and light helps us to be happier. Sun protection is not a habit that you can jump lightly because although it has many benefits we can also cause serious problems,fact every decade skin cancer is tripled and it is estimated that onesix people will end suffering it. I am convinced that you do not want to be one of them so protect yourself from the sun. And how you can protect yourself from the suné Maybe for day to day, to go out

you do not need to take any steps to be safe from the sun, but are very wrong, even when he Cloudy should use sunscreen and when the sun is strongest sunscreen alone alone is not enough. When the sun gets too have to avoid excessive exposure, for example Look for shaded areas or avoid the hours when the sun is strongest, it is also a good idea to use hats or sunglasses and is very important to use photoresist suitable to your

skin type. Also remember that you have to use the protective abundantly nothing racanear with him, and you have to repeat the appliion frequently and if you sweat a lot or for example are on the beach and you've got the sea and salt you owe throw again. Okay, and what is your skin typeé For the phototype 1 people pale skin, red hair usually belong to this phototype belong. You're phototype 1 if your skin besides being very soft almost always burns,

just your tan and you usually have photoallergic reactions when you expose yourself to the sun, because for example you get pimples. Al fototipo 2 belong people with fair, sensitive and delie skin, usually have blond hair or at least clear, and like the previous fototipo, that the fototipo1, rarely tans and may also suffer photoallergic reactions when much they exposed sunlight. Skin type 3 is the most common, usually corresponds to people with brown hair and intermediate skins. People with this skin type

when sunbathers first put them Redskin but then if you tan. Phototype 4 belongs to people with brown or black hair and usually have brown skin that tans quickly. Phototype 5 is very similar to s4 but these people have the skin a little darker, and finally a phototype 6 found people with black skin color. Now that you know fototipo is time to know that sunscreen corresponds to you according to your skin type. For example, the


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