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Hi I'm Ben and this is Tom and we are two parts of a new collective called the 'Realcollective' and what we're trying to do is play our little rolecollective evolution by offering you some solutions to problems we see but also problems that we feel passionately about and the first thing we are excited to offer you is REAL Beauty Real Beauty is about the realization that beauty is something that we all have within ourselves and that beauty needs to be looked aftera more honest and caring way. So, please enjoy our short tutorial! The problem is we have gotten to a point where we are putting chemicals ON and IN our bodies without questioning the ingredients and more importantly the consequences. Cosmetic products have huneds of artificial ingredients most of which are known to be toxic, adding new ingredients to make unrealistic claims. We are too smart for this. We want to offer you real solutionsa way, which no one has offered them before.

Think of us as paleo cosmetics – Eat like a caveman and look like a caveman. Well not quite, but here is what we are doing differently. We are replacing everything from your shampoo, soap, deodorant, even your toothpaste with things that are completely toxin free. But we aren't just another natural beauty company, because we aren't just improving formulas We are replacing the very concept of cosmetics.From the approach, ingredients, the uses, the labels and even the packaging. Our approach minimalistic, our ingredients simple. All featured on the front label not hidden at the back. You don't need ‘diethylmethyl whatever' to moisturise your skin. Just one or two real ingredients will do that job… and a dozen others. We refuse to limit the use of these ingredients to just one – All of our products are multi purpose. We want to end this culture of buying 10 different soaps for every part of your body – it's a waste of money.

On our back label you can find examples on can use the products for. For example our product “ Fresh Bright � is a nice smelling sodium bicarbonate, this product works as a natural whitening toothpaste and a mouthwash but, it can also be used as a y shampoo, or as an alternative to brain wrecking aluminium deodorants. These products are smart but also beautiful we deliver our productshigh quality, reusable, designer glass packaging infused with certified organic essential oils. They are ecofriendly and avliableboth good value refill sizes and lightweight, practical travel sized options. Finally, and most importantly, we are different because we not only provide products, but knowledge and information about what is good and what is real. This is your chance to become a part of a movement, where big corporations don't define health and beauty. And to do this you need to know the facts! Start with this.

Our skin is our biggest organ, it evolved to protect and represent us.It took millions of years to perfect its natural functions, now it's perfect. However, less than 100 years ago we profoundly changed the conditions. Now, they are being changed again and again by cosmetic corporations. Our solution is designed with the knowledge that your skin can heal itself, if the approach is honest, respectful and noninterfering. We all know that mothers know best – so time to stop ignoring mother nature just because she isn't packeda bottle and available online because … well now she is. So, NO more excuses! Real beauty has always existed, real beauty cannot be manufactured it can be discovered. Real beauty needs healthy conditions which means removing unnecessary toxins from the body's surface and providing good natural nutrition then and only then our genetic makeup shows its full potential.

Everything we've said is logical, just take 5 seconds and google it. What is REALé Thankyou for watching that eduional tutorial and now back to real us and real you. The most important thing we want you to get out of this is that this is not just a product but a way of thinking. It's a real idea and something that needs to be shared and cared for. So if it resonates with you please share it with a friend or even better please fund this project because this is just the start of many more things to come. Thankyou.

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