Scalp Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a relativelyrare condition. And only 2% to 3% of thepopulation suffers from it. It's caused when the skin cells replacethemselves faster than the usual rate. In some cases, your bodycan take just a few days to replace the same amount of skin cellsa nonsufferer will produce28 days. Psoriasis can be confused with danuff. And that's because one of themajor symptoms is flaking.

However, psoriasis flakes tendto be more severe than danuff and can be recognized bytheir more silver color. If you're sufferingfrom scalp psoriasis, you may also see thick scalesor redness on your scalp. The affected area can alsofeel very tight and itchy. So what can you doé First, make sure you rule out danuff. Wash your hair regularlywith Head and Shoulders

and monitor the affected area. If it doesn't improve, itmay be scalp psoriasis. In that case, make an appointmentwith your or dermatologist, who should be able toprescribe the right treatment.

Itchy y Scalp Bald Patches Hair Loss Treatment Testimonial from Jackie

I heard about shunathe local magazineI saw it againthe local paper and it was just what I needed.Trichologists are quiterare around where I live so it was quite nice to see Shuna was close to where I live makingit easy to come and see her. Before I came to see Shuna my scalp was very red angry yand very itchy and also quite a lot of bald patches that I could see and I was also awarethat other people could see it as well. The condition affected me and affected my confidence,made me feel totally unfeminine. I used to go swimming a lot but it stopped me goingtotally because I was aware when I wasthe pool, maybe people didn't notice and itwas just me but I'm sure that people were

looking at me because they could see my scalpbecause my hair was wet and it was very obvious and I couldn't bear to bethe pool. SoI stopped swimming as a result of my condition. Also sitting down and people coming for dinnerI would make sure I was standing up so that people weren't talking to me from a height.That bothered me as well. So yes it did affect a lot of aspects of my life. When I firststarted seeing Shuna we talked a lot about the condition and possibility of why it'shappened. We went through what I was doing at the time to try and treat it myself theamount of money I was spending things like mediion I was taking if any I also usedto use a lot of things like mousse and hairspray.

I'd wash my hair every other day or every2 days thinking that was actually good for my hair. So after consultation with ShunaI realised that using all this stuff on my hair was doing no good at all. I would doanything I could to make my hair look thicker. Some of the products were very expensive andwere very temporary as well, so that was one thing that had to go and also I went and hadsome blood tests at the who was more than happy to help. Now I am much more confident.I can have my hair coloured, which I thought I couldn't have. With Shuna's help and adviceand workingconjunction with my hairesser we have come up with a plan. Having my haircoloured makes me feel more confident. Now

people don't seem to look at me anymore andit is growing back. Even my son was looking for me the other day and he said 'oooh mumI can see it's growing' these little tiny spikey bits and he took a photo on his phone.So yes it's fantastic. When I first came to see Shuna I was a bit, well I wanted to come,I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. I knew theytreated scalp conditions and hair, but I didn't really know a lot. I did a bit of researchon Shuna and got a little bit but it was great. She worked totally round me to come. I totallyfelt at ease and we just talked about how it made me feel all the things I'm tellingyou now. We went through everything and it

was great. It was fine and I couldn't waitto get back. It was great to get some advice rather than going to the chemist or the actually and paying all this money for treatments that I thought made me feel better but werenot long term. Shuna as a Trichologist has been fantastic, she's been supportive, anytimeeven through the time I was getting my hair coloured, and she's offered to speak to myhairesser as well. She's been an incredible support, even sometimes at the beginning ofthe treatment when I wasn't sure if I was doing it correct I would email her text her,always having a response. Having to change appointments was never a problem. Been verysupportive emotionally and physically I'd

recommend Shuna 100% yes definitely and evenif my treatment all went and my hair has grown back fully I'd still be coming back here,yes I would.


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