welcome second opinion for each week you get to see firsthandsome other countries leading healthcare professionals tackle health issues that are important to you I beg todiffer with youthe sense that that makes perfect physiologic sense on but I'm a primary care doc I needsome evidence at because I've heard it beforethey've said the same thing about fat, they've said the same thing the carbohyates

they've said that about a lot of different things where they have the cause of diabetes most obesity which is like think I have thething that causes heart disease it's multifactorial I need more than that physiologicevidence I need al evidence that if you show methat you reduce the sugarmy dieta randomized controlledtrial that that'll improve. Now I know you can see that from something like the Mediterranean diet is great evidenceof that but that's very specific diet

that's very helpful to patients but its I get worried that and offenseyou're a brilliant man i've seen you've done but I've heard a lot of people comebefore that have said I have the physiologic explanation why this ishappening and this is the thing and it disappoints my patients everytime people who that we label as ug seekers arehave been artificially created by the medical community and that's

that's what we've done, you know, you'rehurting here let's throw something at you and then we have we teach them to bag for mediions because they have toprove they hurt making a diabetic have to beg for theinsulin I think it's cruel and when I was a a sophomore and was completely covered I couldn't function I couldn't feed oressed myself because I had psoriatic arthritis as well

and because the psoriasis was so badand inflamed I couldn't hold things they touch thingsthere was too much pain how big a a whap of radiation are you gonna get for a an abdominal CT scan it's not quite as easy a question as you think it would beyou're asking a central question right, what's the dose and itturns out I'm depending on where patients goes, and depending on what the radiologistchoose to doterms of that CT scan

and whether the ED doc does the CT scan the dose could vary a lot how, compare that to the dose for amammogram so found for mammogram we usually thinkabout four Xrays for the breast to count as one mammograms and this one ct could be thesame as 2075 mammography series Or how about compare to that chest xray that she got


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