Welcome to the Institute of Applied Corneotherapy (IAK) at KOKOLeichlingen. Our topic today will be the adequate treatment of the neurodermitic prone skin. Also for this type of skin we have developed specific dermaviduals products. The objective of the treatment is the recovery of the skin barrier. With the help of our model I will demonstrate and explain the specific treatment step by step. The skin care treatment starts with a gentle cleansing of the facial skin, the neck and the decollete area. For the skin with tendency to neurodemitis and eczema we recommend our cleansing milk with DMS.

Due to the Derma Membrane Structure contained, it has not only cleansing but also caring effects. The cleansing milk is applied with the two brushes technique and then removed with a moist towel For body cleansing purposes however we recommend our shower cream. It contains mild tensidescombination with specific natural oils and DMS components. After cleansing the skin, we use a tonic lotion which will help to penetrate the active agent concentrates that are appliedthe following step.

Spray a small amount of süüsmoon lotion P on a cotton pad and dab on the skin. The liposomal structure of süüsmoon lotion P will cause a temporary opening of the barrier layers for the active agents. In addition, also linoleic acid, which is an essential component of ceramide 1 is penetrated. This treatment step helps to prepare the skin for the following mask. For the mask we select the 4 active agents Dpanthenol, evening primrose oil nanoparticles boswellia nanoparticles

and avocado oil The actives have a barrier recovering effect and are also able to prevent inflammationsthe skin which is susceptible to neurodermitis. Dpanthenol is a provitamin of the vitamin B complex. It improves the moisturizing capacity of the skin and accelerates the cell formation. Both evening primrose oil and boswellia nanoparticles are richgamma linolenic acid and have antiinflammatory effects. Avocado oil provides nourishing phytosterols and vitamins.

As a next step mix these 4 active agent concentratesa small bowl until smooth and gently apply them on the facial skin. A good tip is to spare the eye area and apply our oleogel plus on these sensitive parts Oleogel plus contains highly effective caring oils, which penetrate very fast and can also be used on the lips. After the active agents have been applied, take a small brush and sparingly spread DMS base cream High Classic Plus.

The next step is to mix the base modeling mask with water. Quickly apply it onto active agents and base cream, since the base modeling mask will harden out rather fast. The mask is occlusive and supports the penetration of the actives. This helps to optimally moisturize the facial skin. After 20 minutes the facial skin will be visibly smooth and tightened. The mask is now gently peeled offone piece. Remove the residues with a soft compress.


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