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Smoking… it's bad for another reason…next Study Further Establishes SmokingPsoriasisConnection Bill Schu writingMD reported on a studyin the Polish population, publishedPostępy, that clarifies and strengthens the link betweensmoking and the development of psoriasis. Smoking releases large amounts of free radicalsthat stimulate cell signaling pathways activepsoriasis. Nicotine presentcigarettesalso stimulates denitic cells, macrophages and keratinocytes, releasing cytokines includingtumor necrosis factor (TNF), Interleukin6, and others. Smoking can also increase theexpression of certain genes that can lead

to psoriasis. Comment: The article also mentioned that depressionin people with psoriasis may lead them to habits such as smoking.


Am Srinivas, am director to my own company I was having symptoms of psoriasis since 30 years I dint know it was psoriasis or something else I used to go to skin s. They gave me some medicines. This is since past 20 25 years Off late it became little severe I used to get some kind of powders on my shoulders I was scrolling through google, and found Elite Ayurveda

I came 3 months back and met Chaithanya I explained him everything about my condition From that day onwards for the past 3 months Am under his treatment Am strictly following his instructions whatever he advised me I definitely see changesmy daily routine When I look into the mirror, I see the symptoms of psoriasis has completely eliminated I would like to discuss with Chaithanya how to maintain this and preventfuture I thank Elite Ayurveda. I wish them good luck for treating patients like me

Thank you.


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