How to Psoriasis Treatment Skin Disorder

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Getting a tattoo the health risks to be aware of

(man) The potential health risksthat come from having a tattoo that people ought to be consideringbeforehand, obviously is the issueof contaminated equipment, equipment contaminated with infections. So Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV,that's the virus that causes Aids. Then there are the less significantbut still possible health problems, infection of the skin, because, of course,a tattooyou're piercing the skin.

The potential there is thatyou can let infection into the skin and get a nasty spreaded infectionthere. And, of course, some people reactwith an allergic response to the inks that are used. So these are the major things thatanybody considering having a tattoo should think about beforehandand be aware of. (man) There was a guy who was in.used to have a caravan up near me. And he was doing everyone's tattoosand then.

Everyone thought he was really good. But then he was. all these peopleall ended up with big infections. He wasn't cleaning his needlesproperly, he was using the same needlesfor people. I think it's important to think ahead,plan, do some research. Let's face it, we do researchfor most things, these days, before we purchase somethingor go on holiday somewhere. It should be no differentif you're going to have a tattoo done.

Find somewhere that's registered,a tattoo studio that's got its licence, its got its registration, showingthe certifiion to confirm that. When you get to the studio,have a look around. Does it look cleanéDoes it look wellmaintainedé Are there gloves being usedé Is there an autoclaveto sterilise thingsé Make sure that instruments are new, they're freshly coming out ofclean packets, and the like.

All sorts of thingsyou can have a quick look around. If you feel uncomfortable, walk away.Think again. Where I've had certain tattoos has been when I've been on girls'weekend holidays and stuff like that, a matching tattoo that I haveto my partner's. I did it myself when I was about 12!(laughs) (Hicks) Think of it as a permanentfeature, a permanent part of you. They're not easy to remove.

I mean,the UK,the NHS, it's rare to get the NHS to supportremoving a tattoo. Yes, they can be removedwith laser treatment, dermabrasion. They can be surgically removed. But even these leave a riskof having a permanent scar afterwards. Each tattoo I have is somethingmy life special. When you're considering.

Did You Know The Risks Of Getting A Tattoo

Did you know that almost onefive or 17percent people with tattoos have thought about having them removedéAccording to the American Academy of Dermatology, people with tattoos are six times more likelyto have hepatitis C, a liver disease that kills 10,000 people a year. Also, skin allergiescould develop at any time after you get inked. Some people may think that an allergic reactionwould happen immediately after getting the tattoo. That's not true. Skin allergiessuch as rashes or scars can occur years after you've gotten the tattoo. Speak to your about the risks of getting a tattoo.


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