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Hey guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine and founder of Axe . In this tutorial I'm going to share with you the naturalcures for psoriasis, as well as psoriasis remedies and psoriasis natural treatments.I can tell you this is very effective. In fact, you can see improvementsyour psoriasisin as little as 24 hours if you follow the tips I lay outthis tutorial. I know this works because I've done it withthousands of patients. Even my own fatherinlaw had psoriasis and saw a 98% improvement injust 30 days by following this advice. In fact, my fatherinlaw was on 4 mediionsfor 20 plus years, diagnosed with psoriasis,

said it could never be healed and we wereable to heal it through following the tips you're going to learnthis tutorial. So we'regoing to talk about diet for psoriasis, supplements and other things here over the next few minutes. So the number one thing you've got to startdoing when it comes to psoriasis is you've got to change your diet and you've got toaddthese foods. Number one is probiotic rich foods, whether that be yogurt or kefiror fermented vegetables. It's so important that you get to the root cause of psoriasis,which really startsyour gut health. It starts with a condition called leaky gut.By the way, if you want to learn more about

that you can do a Google search for Axeleaky gut and I have some great information there as well on that. But again, psoriasis startsthe gut soyou've got to increase those beneficial bacteriayour gut. The best way to do that is fermentedfoods, especially things like goats milk yogurt is one of my favorite, or goats milk kefir.You can find that at your health food store. You can also find it at your local farmersmarket, are the best places to find those fermented foods. So that is step number one. You also need to get more fiberyour diet.Soluble fiber feeds probiotics, so consume

more berries, things like blueberries especiallyare probably the best. Along with that doing cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower andgreen leafy vegetables like spinach and then seeds, like flax or chia seeds. They're fullof healthy soluble fiber which increases good bacteriayour gut. The third type of food that you want to bedoing are foods highomega 3 fatty acids, such as wild caught fish like salmon, alsomackerel is good, arctic char is good, sardines are good and tuna is good. But fatty fishthat are full of omega 3 fatty acids and other foods that are highomega 3 fats such asgrass fed beef. You've got to get more of

theseyour diet if you want to start overcomingpsoriasis. And then, justgeneral doing fruits and vegetables are some of the bestfoods for helping you overcome psoriasis. And then herbs such as turmeric are very goodat reducing inflammation, and well as dandelion is another great one. The second thing you've got to do if you wantto get rid of psoriasis is get rid of the foods that cause inflammation that you'reconsuming. If you're consuming a diet that's very highprocessed meats such as porkor conventional beef, that's very toxic to the liver. That's going to increase the symptomsof psoriasis that you are having. So eliminate

conventional meat products. Eliminate hyogenatedoils. Get rid of sugar, sugar is highly inflammatory. And even reduce your consumption of wholegrains, especially when it comes to things like wheat bread and white bread or any sortof wheat and flour products. Get rid of those completely. That's essential to healing psoriasis. Jumping back, one more tip I forgot, anotherfood you should absolutely consume if you want to overcome psoriasis is bone broth.Bone broth is highcollagen which actually helps heal the gut, whichturn helps youhave healthy skin. And the best sort of broth to do is chicken broth because it's high intype two collagen which helps repair the gut

Psoriasis Revolution Review Bonus Do These Natural Remedies Really Work

Hey guys, Kurt here with the healthy habitsYouTube channel. Today I am finally ready to give you my about the psoriasisrevolution treatment system. I love putting these products to the test. But this one wasespecially exciting for me because I've been hearing so much buzz about it. Now, you knowme and I love to expose a bad health product. My process is not to test products with anopen mind. There are plenty of other knuckleheads that already do that. I go into it wantingto make the product fail. It's their job to prove me wrong with quality, value and results.Psoriasis Revolution is a brand new ally tested system that claims to provide instantrelief of psoriasis symptoms. It also promises

to cure it permanently3060 days. Initiallythat left me feeling pretty skeptical. So, the first thing I did was talk to my uncleMike and convinced him to give it a try. My uncle Mike refused to be on camera but hehas suffered from psoriasis for the past 12 years. He is also very stubborn and hatesto try new things. So neither of us fell victim to all the hype that was surrounding thisproduct before we actually tried it. With that said, as much as I love to expose a crappyproduct and as much as my uncle mike would have enjoyed giving me a hard time about itfor the next 10 thanksgiving dinners: the bottom line is that I do support this systembecause it did work. After 6 weeks, my uncle

mike is still dealing with minor symptomsbut his psoriasis has improved amatically since he started. By his estimate, it is already8090% better than it was 6 weeks ago. Now, before I go any further, if you do decideto buy this program, please don't pay full price for it. The psoriasis revolution systemnormally retails for about $100 dollars. But all you need to do is use this link: PsoriasisDiscount .That will take you to their official site with an automatic coupon for 50% off. Also,by using that link you can get access to 3 months of free counseling and a bunch of otherfree bonuses from the mastermind behind this system, Dan Crawford. His support was extremelyvaluable for us over the past 6 weeks so I

highly recommend that you take advantage ofthat offer. There are just some things that you can't put a price tag onlife. Improvingyour health, the way you look, the way you feel; these things will astically improveyour happiness. So I wholeheartedly give this product the endorsement of the HealthyHabits YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, leave themthe comment section. And ifyou hit the like button on this tutorial, I'll tell my Uncle Mike that his story reachedsomeone new. I'd like to thank you for watching my about the psoriasis revolution system.I hope to see you again very soon.


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