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What is the Best Psoriasis Dieté Psoriasis can be a very troublesome, evenpainful, skin disease. In order to combat the condition and its symptoms,many people opt to subscribe to a psoriasis diet. Such a psoriasis treatment is generally focusedaround a glutenfree diet highvegetables, fruits, and proteins. Diet modifiion to treat psoriasis has glutenfreeeating at its center. Avoiding gluten has proven to be effectivein treating the antiglidadin condition, celiac

disease, which produces antibodiesresponseto gluten, as well as its symptoms, such as dermatitis heriformis, or skin breakouts. The pustulesthese breakouts are very similarto psoriasis. Because of this success, as well as the presenceof antiglidian antibodies foundmany people with psoriasis, a glutenfree lifestyle mayhelp prevent psoriasis symptoms from occurring. Some studies indie that psoriasis conditionscan at least improve with this type of diet. A variant of psoriasis, known as palmoplantarpustulosis, has also shown signs of improvement when treated with the diet.

Other psoriasis diet alterations have notproven to be as successful. Some people have tried fish oil to combatthe illness, which has yet to yield any known benefits. Like most other conditions, a general healthdiet filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, healthy lowfat protein, and fiberhas been recommended to treat psoriasis as well. Though this diet is considered beneficialand healthful for most people, it has shown only slight benefits, if any,terms oftreating psoriasis.

Avoiding certain foods is another psoriasisdiet treatment for the skin disease. Red meat, refined carbohyates, and processedfoods are often reduced or completely avoided when treating psoriasis with diet. As with most other dietary changes, whilethis practice yields many health benefits, it has not been proven to specifically treatpsoriasis. The reasoning behind the psoriasis diet isconsidered to be largely sensible. Many s often prescribe dietary and lifestylechanges to treat a multitude of conditions, from obesity to cancer.

The success of eating a special diet to treatpsoriasis, however, has yet to be scientifically substantiated. Since the cause of psoriasis is not entirelyknown, a completely successful treatment has proven to be elusive. Healthy options for managing psoriasis arenot limited to a special psoriasis diet. Avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol, and maintaininga healthy weight can help make such chronic conditions more bearable. inking plenty of water may also help, ascan reducing the stressone's life.

Some patients may find that they have certainpsoriasis trigger foods, such as acidic foods and soft inks. By avoiding these a patient can often bettermanage his or her disease. Visit the website. Below.

2013 Atrial Fibrillation Conference Living with Afib Mellanie True Hills StopAfib

Mellanie: I'll talk about communiingwith your s, and also about living with afib. 0:10 Let me give you a little bit of backgroundfirst. Now, I already mentioned that I was a patient. I had a surgical procedure, andI'm now free of afib. I founded StopAfib 2007, andthat same year, we launchedafib monthSeptember to raise awareness of afib. We worked with other organizations,such as the Heart Rhythm Society, American Heart Association, and the American Collegeof Cardiology to work with Congress to make Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month official.So, it's now a national awareness month.

In raising awareness, I've even had theprivilege of following Barry Manilow at the podiumfront of members of Congress. Butas an atrial fibrillation patient, I was scared, lost, nervous, and unsure. I realized justhow vulnerable we patients are when we're sitting with a who may be standingover us, at the very least maybea white coat, who's speakinga language thatwe don't understand, about a condition that is complex, and confusing, and has turnedour lives upside down. What I'm going to share with you is foryou if afib has made your life more difficult, or if it has taken over your life. 1:52One of the biggest challenges that we face

communiing with s, especiallywhen our appointments are short and there's so much to cover, is that afib is such a complexdisease that we may not get all of our questions answered. We may just not even know whereto start. So, let me give you some ideas for what you can do to make your visitsmost effective. 2:19 First, prepare for your visitslike you might do for a business meeting. Write down your questions, and write downyour goals for your visit, just like you would for a business meeting. Your appreciates you coming prepared. My s usually start out by saying, “What questionsdo you have todayéâ€� That's a good way

to get your concerns adessed before goingon with the other things that need to be adessed during the visit. With visits being short,the more effective you can make that visit, the much better results you'll get fromyour visit. 3:06 In addition, one patient said, “We'renot stupid. We're smart people who just don't happen to speak the same languageas our s.� So, if you don't understand what your is telling you, tell your. Let them know that you need more information, you need explanations. Maybe they're usingmedical jargon that's just not familiar to you. Feel free to tell your thatyou don't understand. If you sit there,

and you're nodding your head, your thinks you understand, and is just going to keep on going. So, help your help you. 3:40 In addition, it's extremely valuableif you can bring an advoe with you to your appointments. Maybe a spouse, a child, a familymember, a friend—someone that can write down the things that the is tellingyou and also remind you if you forget some of your questions. And having a second personhearing what you're saying, and hearing what the is saying, is really valuablebecause you might be taking away a slightly different perspective, and you have someoneto bounce it off of, and make sure that you

really understand. 4:17 When we'reour appointments, thereis so much to know about afib. It's such a confusing condition, and you know, we'rerushed because appointments are short. So, make sure that you're getting your questionsanswered, and make sure that you have someone there with you. That's really the best.As Prystowsky said, sometimes he'll send people away and say, “Bring your spousewith you,� and that really is important because it impacts the spouse as well. We'lltalk about caregiversa moment. But those who are living with afib include not onlythe patient but also the family members.


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