Scalp Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a relativelyrare condition. And only 2% to 3% of thepopulation suffers from it. It's caused when the skin cells replacethemselves faster than the usual rate. In some cases, your bodycan take just a few days to replace the same amount of skin cellsa nonsufferer will produce28 days. Psoriasis can be confused with danuff. And that's because one of themajor symptoms is flaking.

However, psoriasis flakes tendto be more severe than danuff and can be recognized bytheir more silver color. If you're sufferingfrom scalp psoriasis, you may also see thick scalesor redness on your scalp. The affected area can alsofeel very tight and itchy. So what can you doé First, make sure you rule out danuff. Wash your hair regularlywith Head and Shoulders

and monitor the affected area. If it doesn't improve, itmay be scalp psoriasis. In that case, make an appointmentwith your or dermatologist, who should be able toprescribe the right treatment.


My name is Prabhu, am working for a private organisation. I was having severe danuff. I came to this , Elite Ayurveda I approached the I met the s here, and was diagnosed instantly that its somekind of Psoriasis Immediately I was asked to undergo the treatment. Chaithanya identified it as Scalp psoriasis. He advised me to start with treatment

He said the treatment will be for 3 months I accepted He said if we take Ayurvedic treatment there is less chance of reoccurance I followed the instructions very properly. He gave me all medicines like kashayams, tablets etc Its proved this result It was a good treatment Its almost 3 months today

I used to come only once15 days or monthly once. He was very encouraging and gave me good suggestions I thank Chaithanya, Adil and Soumya for this early detection and treatment I suggest people who are suffering this kind of Psoriasis to meet them. They will not only identify but also treat it. Treat it at initial stage to cure it better. Thank you.


Psoriasis Cure

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