Diet Nutrition Tips How to Eat an AntiInflammatory Diet

This is Rachel, with Nutrolution,MiamiBeach, Florida. In this clip, we're talking about how to eat an antiinflammatory diet.So, believe it or not inflammation is now known to be one of the key factors involvedin all types of health problems, so everything from heart disease to cancer to diabetes allcomes back to inflammation, as well as painthe body and autoimmune conditions. Someof the things that cause inflammationthe body are first and foremost sugar, but alsothe protein called gluten. So, what I've done here is I've got a couple products here thatare glutenfree, and this is what I recommend for my patients. I have most people get offgluten just because it does cause so much

inflammation. This is the bread that I personallyjust tried and I really enjoy. This is great. There's also alternative pastas such as thisbrown rice pasta, Tinkyada that comesall different kinds of shapes and sizes. And there'sall kinds of other foods like potatoes, and brown rice, and wild rice, and sweet potatoesthat are all gluten free naturally. This is Rachel, with Nutrolution,Miami Beach,Florida.


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